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Employee benefits

Three steps to build an employee benefits plan.

What is the first thing

you think of when you hear employee benefits?

I bet health insurance was what you thought about. Maybe dental and vision insurance too. But there is so much more to it.

Employee benefits plans often include:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Term life insurance
  • Vacation time
  • Sick time
  • Short term disability insurance
  • Long term disability insurance
  • Critical illness and accident insurance
  • Student loan repayment
  • Tuition reimbursement/529 plans
  • ID theft protection
  • Pet insurance
  • Unlimited paid time off

And that’s just the beginning.

So where do you start? What is most important for your industry? Is any of this affordable?

These are questions we can answer.

Let us  help!

Most insurance brokers do not understand how to construct a benefits program. They will sell you insurance with no consideration for industry standards and trends. At Wise Dollar Insurance, we work with you to design a benefits plan for your needs. And as you grow, we will analyze the market to ensure the benefits grow accordingly.

Download our benefits program guide below.


Why do we need employee benefits?

Simply put, if you don’t offer them, your competitor will. Employee benefits are essential to attract and retain talent. In today’s ultra-competitive job market, can you afford not to?

Aren’t benefits too expensive for a small business?

When you pick the wrong broker or consultant… yes, they are! But there are very affordable ways for you to provide a benefits plan regardless of your budget. There are hundreds of insurance plans out there. We will help you find ones that meet your needs.

Where do we start?

Health insurance is always first and should include vision and dental. Getting these benefits in place first creates a solid foundation for your business to grow through proper talent acquisition. But offering more benefits from the start can set the tone within your corporate culture demonstrating how you care for the employees. It will also attract more applicants for open positions.

No one offers benefits in my industry. Why should I offer them?

If your industry does not offer employee benefits as a part of standard compensation, chances are there is high turnover. And high turnover is expensive. That’s costing you more than the benefits plan would. Set yourself apart from the competition and create stability in your workforce!